Use Vizia to add interactives to YouTube videos

Ever assign a video to your students and wonder if they watched it?  Adding interactives (quizzes, polls, etc.) is a great way to hold students accountable. You may have heard of EDPuzzle and PlayPosit  which are great products and I recommend checking them out.

I just came across another site – Vizia that is so easy to use.   It is a nice website that allows you to add a quiz, poll, open-ended response, and/or a call-to-action in a YouTube video.  I like it for teachers to use when experimenting with videos in the classroom, assigning a video quickly, a review, etc. It doesn’t require a lot of set up.  Simply paste the URL of a YouTube video and add the interactives.  The responses can be exported to Google Sheets or a CSV file.  You can also require students to enter their name and e-mail address prior to watching the video.   Check out my sample at 10 Ways to Use Video in the Classroom.