Building a Class Website

Because there is so much technology available, it is hard to know where to begin. Creating a website for your students is a good place to start.  Consider the diagram below for ideas.


If your school does not have an application for creating a teacher website, there are several free resources available.  The list below will help get you started!

  • Google Sites is our favorite.  It offers templates as well as allows teachers to link to Google goodies like Drive, Calendar, Classroom, etc.  Want to learn more? Visit the G Suite Learning Center.
  • SchoolRack allows teachers to build and host a classroom website.  An advantage of SchoolRack is that it has features designed for teachers.  When posting assignments, for example, teachers can include full descriptions, expectations, and deadlines.  Usually a separate page/link is needed for this type of information.   Want to learn more? Visit SchoolRack‘s website.
  • Schoology also includes features specifically for teachers including posting of assignments, calendar, collaboration, video lessons, student performance reporting, and more.  Want to learn more? Visit Schoology‘s website.