Support students virtually

I’m reading the book Hacking Engagement 50 Tips & Tools to Engage Teachers and Learning Daily by James Alan Sturtevant.   Hack 18 is “build an extensive student support network”.  His suggestions include office hours, advertising your availability, virtual office hours, and creating a peer tutoring Voxer group.

Here are some of other ideas:

  • One idea I have used and recommend to teachers is to create an online help discussion.  Most Learning Management Systems have a discussion feature. Students can post their questions as well as respond to other students’ questions.  Using an online discussion opens the questions and answers to all students.  If your LMS does not have a discussion feature, try a shared Google or Office doc.
  • I have offered students online review sessions using an online whiteboard.  I usually use TitanPad but you can also check out The 10 Best Whiteboards with Realtime Collaboration.
  • One Math teacher I know had students record their solution to various problems throughout the year for extra credit.  It took a few years, but he now has an online video library with solutions to the more difficult problems.