Virtual Tech Assistant

Old MacDonald’s Farm: App with sounds linked to pictures/words. Can be used for vocabulary reviews.
12 Days of Christmas: App using Boom cards. Can be used for review or quiz.
The Adult Learning Interactive Notebook: A Google Doc that allows student to interact with content (add text or images, take notes, etc.) Can be used for online worksheets, notetaking, etc. Other products can be used as well (Google Slides, Word, etc.)
Video with voiceover: Video with voiceover created from PowerPoint slides.
Convert Microsoft documents to G Suite (for example, Powerpoint to Slides) or G Suite to Microsoft.
Interactive Notebooks Using Google Docs: A free Teachable course explaining how to create an interactive notebook using Google Docs. Similar courses can be developed for faculty, students, etc.
Podcasts: Hate the sound of your voice? We can create audio tracks and add to video or make a podcast. Also consider an audio version of lecture notes, books, other readings for students.